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TUH in the community: Partnership with C2K Rugby Academy

Health care in the new COVID reality


TUH supports all members with further price increase freeze

TUH stands alongside our members in these tough times and will continue to freeze premium increases until April 2021.

A lifetime of health and value

Think back to when you first took out health insurance. Were you starting a new job? Turning 30? Starting a family?

Get your ducks in a row

What’s the point of health insurance anyway? (the simple answer!) 

Public vs private patient

You can trust us to support your right to have full control over your health and subsequent medical treatment.

Taking care of yourself during the COVID-19 crisis

TUH has been part of the education community family since 1972 and we stand right beside you through this current crisis.

TUH leads the way with premium price freeze

As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic impacts all of our lives, TUH will continue be there to provide members with the highest possible level of service and support.

Partner spotlight - Frankie4

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